PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin Repositories

First english post!! Let’s see if the audience pays off…

I’m in a frenetic use of Cordova/Phonegap!! Including the use of third party plugins, not just the ones that come by default with Cordova, like Contacts, Capture, Sensors, etc. Recently, the people from Cordova created the official Cordova/Phonegap repo for plugins – Cordova Plugins! VERY NICE!! You can search for plugins by its name and tags defined by the plugin’s development team.

Cordova Plugin search

When you find a possible plugin to use, click on the link and you’re forward to the plugin page:

Cordova Plugin page

If you click in the link latest or in some older version – in the picture above, would be 0.6.3 – it’ll download the .TGZ plugin file! VERY NICE!!! But you don’t get a Documentation page for the plugin ANYWHERE in the site! VERY BAD… :(

You have to open the .TGZ file and read the to see if it’s really what you searching for. OR you can copy the URL, delete part of it and use it to see the JSON config file for the plugin package.

Using the example above – see the last picture:

  1. Get URL =>
  2. Delete the .TGZ part AND the /-/ part =>
  3. Copy it to the browser address area and press enter
Cordova Plugin json config file

Now you can see many info about the plugin, including the readme part. You can use this tip to develop a page that shows plugins info in a nicer way!

Another site that’s very nice is Plugreg! It’s a nicer version of Cordova Plugins. And it has more packages then Cordova Plugins.

Let’s hope they join forces to construct a GREAT PLUGIN PAGE!!! One point of entry to all plugins, like Composer is for PHP or Gems is for Ruby.